The Week in Review #1

Well, this week was quite interesting. Perhaps you will find it interesting?


There are only three anime this season (Summer 2013) that I am watching: A Certain Scientific Railgun S (Railgun S); Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 (Stella); and The World God Only Knows S3 (TWGOK S3). You know what? All three are quite awesome.

Railgun S is one of the best shows I have ever seen; however, Railgun’s appeal for me lies in the titular character, i.e. Misaka Mikoto. She is freaking awesome, she is a well-written character, she is pretty cute, and she kicks ass and takes names. The rest of the cast? I do not care at all. Saten? Meh. Kuroko? Unfunny comic-relief. Uiharu? She is OK but that is it. Biribiri, though? Awesome, amazing, ass-kicker, cutey, and all that stuff.

Naturally, Railgun S was at its peak in enjoyment for me when it was mostly about Biribiri. Now that the Sisters Arc is over, the other three are getting screen time again, so I find myself enjoying the show not nearly as much as I used to (I watched episodes 5-14 twice and thrice for some; I watched episode 5 so many times I lost count). Aside from Biribiri, even Touma, aka Touman, got on my good side. Frenda was pretty fun to watch as well, so I am sad that she has not appeared either.

Stella’s Women’s Academy is just plain entertaining. The main character, Yamato Yura, is at the heart of the story. This is very much a character driven show and Yamato is the pushing force behind the plot. Without her, the plot would not exist and it would not move. The story changes because she changes. In other words, this show has character development.

The shows starts off silly and comedic, but as the show progresses Yamato slowly changes from a timid, shy girl to a serious, overconfident, and selfish girl. It is quite amazing how different she is from the beginning of the series. She becomes so competitive that she kills any sort of fun anyone was having and she becomes so dedicated to winning that she forgets to maintain a diet. She is constantly trying to beat everyone else, even her own teammates. It is handled so well that some episodes feel like minutes.

In the most recent episode, after the team has fought in a match, she will either say, “I won” or “I lost” as if to say that her actions were the main driving force behind the team. In some  cases, that is the case, e.g. she got the most kills. This is, however, a team competitive sport, and it is fairly obvious that she forgot the team part.

From my view, she seems to think that all of her teammates (excluding the leader of the club) are either useless or in her way. If they are useful, it was because they are getting shot at and Yamato is not. Unfortunately, new rules eliminates this usefulness (from Yamato’s viewpoint) as she is designated by her club’s leader to tend to those that get shot by the enemy team.

I am left wondering: is the manga like this or did Gainax just do this because of reasons? There’s even a bloody hell train!

As for The World God Only Knows. Well, I think this image accurately describes how most of us were/are feeling:


Seriously. I have not been so angry at a show in a long time. It was really executed well.


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