Fall 2013

The Fall anime season is coming close. I am pretty excited by this season; there are a few shows that I wanted to watch, but after seeing the chart released by ZKTR I learned about a couple new shows I want to check out.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel is a story about a man and his love for boats.

Arpeggio of Blue Steel is a story about a man and his love for (naval) guns.

Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

I absolutely adore this manga. I love naval warships of all types, from the Age of Sail to the battleships and carriers of the 20th century. In addition, one of the my top anime is Zipang, which features naval battles. So, naturally I would fall in love with Arpeggio of Blue Steel.

Unlike Zipang, however, Arpeggio of Blue Steel (Arpeggio from now on) is completely fictional. Zipang is fiction, too, but it tries to be realistic with its premise; thus, it is more specifically historical fiction. Arpeggio doesn’t try to be realistic, but instead it sways from ridiculously cute to awesomely absurd. I mean, did you ever think in your wildest dreams that you would read the lines, “tsundere battleship”?

Unfortunately, this anime may not be what I want. It may not be what I want. From what I can tell, it is produced entirely from CGI. While there are examples of good Japanese CGI in cinema, I am not a fan of it. Well, actually, this series is cell shaded, and I have not seen any good examples of cell shading (that is not a video game).  Of course, Japanese CGI in anime has improved phenomenally and in many cases it is barely noticeable.

Here is the preview:

While we are on the subject, I was quite impressed with Zipang’s usage of CGI. Pretty good for a 2004 TV series by Studio DEEN.

Kyousogiga TV

I do not understand this series at all. I watched the 2011 and 2012 ONA. While I might understand it better if I watched both again, the ending episode of the 2012 ONA is one of my favorite episodes ever (and probably the only one that made sense). Despite not understanding the series half the time, I still adore the work that the animators and seiyuu put into this series. Also, I cannot believe that the ONA was released two years ago!

Kyoukai no Kanata

This series is done by Kyoto Animation. With what appears to be an emphasis on action, I think it does not take much for anyone to be sold on this series. While I do like Kyoto Animation, I do feel that their last few series were not worth watching. Hopefully this will change things.


I have no idea what this is, but I am watching it.


Yozakura Quartet

I had no idea this was getting a remake. I do quite like the manga, but I never bothered with the anime. I do not remember why, but this is a good opportunity to see how it might have been. I absolutely adored the character designs in the manga, but I do not remember the story all too much. I also remember it had cool superpowers and interesting characters.

Kill la kill

I do not think this requires any words from me. This seems to be the most anticipated series of Fall 2013, perhaps because of Little Witch Academia.

Will I keep up with it? I don’t know. I have yet to finish Gurren Lagann (it’s true!) and I thought Little Witch Academia was OK (nice animation, but that’s it). I do not like Dead Leaves. That takes out most of the reasons why everyone else is watching this.

I’ll check it out, but I don’t know if I’ll be interested for long.



Did you know that Fukushima is one of the worst nuclear disasters ever? While the amount of radiation released is nowhere near the amount released by Chernobyl, it is creating quite a mess in the Pacific ocean (damn it, I love fish!). To me, this series (based on the manga of the same name) is almost like a fictional version of what would happen if Tokyo really was evacuated. Except, you know, the manga was started in 2008 and it involves high school girls.

I’ll be honest, though. I love school uniforms (if you haven’t noticed, most of these shows feature school uniforms). That is the primary reason why I am watching this; the other reason being that it is not set in high school.


Non non biyori

I think I have developed a taste for stories set in the countryside, so I decided to pick this up. It has a possibility of being boring, but let us hope not.


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