Space Battleship Yamato

As of this moment, I am in quite a happy mood.

It seems that, slowly but surely, there will be a Star Blazers live-action American production: Chris McQuarrie has been brought in to direct the project. Never mind the man’s work, but this project finally has a director? I never thought this project would get anywhere (still on the fence about a Cowboy Bebop or that Evangelion movie shudders).

The reason why I am a little excited about this is because the American audience is already familiar with this kind of story. I mean, how many times has Star Blazers been compared to Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and many other series? The series was also pretty popular in its day in the United States, so I am pretty confident that it an translate well over to Hollywood (unless J.J. Abrams takes the helm). Production values and acting are not a problem. The big problem is whether or not the movie will stay true to the original.

Studio Ghibli

Leave it to Waipahu, Hawaii to use Ghibli characters for preventing fires.


Image courtesy of Otaku Ohana.

Studio Khara

They are going to release a new film in November called, “Peaceful Times (F02) petit film” (ANN). I want to see it, because Megumi Hayashibara narrates it. I wonder if she’ll use her quiet dandere/kuudere voice (Rei Ayanamai/Haibara Ai) or her tomboyish voice (Ai Amano/Pai)? I mean, damn, she has a lot of voices. Did you know that Rei Ayanami, Faye Valentine, and Jessie from Pokemon were voiced by the same person?


In the year 2013, I was not expecting this: a crossover between Record of Lodoss War and Fate/stay night (CR). I mean, what? Pretty awesome, nevertheless.


Rei Ayanami

I want this RAH of ReiQ so badly.


Rei-2 is my absolute favorite character of all time, but Rei Q is still moe as hell (it’s the plugsuit). Ohhh, I just wanna hug her!


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