Twitter bonanza: 11.4.2013

I don’t know if using Tweets like this will become commonplace, but I felt like these ones are particularly neat.

The covers for Humanity Has Declined. Pretty cool! And, of course, Sentai Filmworks includes Watashi and Y in both sets. Smart move.

A toy for one of the monsters from Pacific Rim.

Right… Amuro is saying to Misato Katsuragi, “T-thanks.”

Sounds about right.

The director says, “This is pleasing!” The picture could only be depicting an advertisement for the Patema Inverted movie at the theater.

It seems that they are preparing for the Evangelion Store Tokyo-01’s 2nd year anniversary (it opened in December 2011). Neat.

More Evangelion stuff.


Yamato manga, it seems.

Madoka and Lupin III crossover.

Somebody saw Space Dandy??

Hatsune Miku shirt.


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