Twitter bonanza: 11.06.2013

I do actually like the Twitter format, because Twitter has so much information posted to it (although a lot of it meaningless). I do not know if I will do it everyday, though, because there are other things I need to write about (I have not been able to write reviews because I do not have the time presently to watch a lot of stuff).

By the way, I have noticed that the Tweets do not load correctly in Google Chrome. I suggest using Firefox.

Let’s start off with some Kill la Kill!

Time of EVE Blu-ray! I can’t wait to get my copy.

Some cool fanart.

More info about the 2nd year anniversary.

What the hell, Anno? What were you thinking when you made this?

Tales of Symphonia will have a cafe from November 6th to November 13th. Sigh…

Evangelion merchandising run amok.

Zelos Wilder. Mixed feelings.

Totoro meets Ano Hana.

Some stuff Gurren Lagann stuff (click the link).


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