The Week in Review: After reconsidering it, I have decided that Attack on Titan is actually pretty good


Eren Jaeger is just an average high school student, until one day he gets bitten by a spider and gets spider powers… wait, what?

When I first saw this show, I liked it until I learned about a certain ability that would appear at around episode 7. I thought the idea was silly, so I decided not to continue watching this series. After a while, I decided that was a silly reason to drop a series, and so I picked it up again. As I watched the series, I realized that my fears did not come to fruition. It turns out that the show took a different direction from what I originally thought and one that would cause me to like Attack on Titan.

After watching the series, I have decided that the Titan concept is actually executed very well. These things are dangerous, tough, and a mystery. The series gives us bits and pieces of information about them as we watch. What the hell are they and why do they keep surprising me? They expanded upon the whole concept and that was a good decision. Related to that, back when it started airing, I dropped it before the whole titan shifting idea was introduced. My fear was that this ability would become widespread and the whole fear and gruesomeness surrounding the Titans would be zilch. Fortunately, that did not happen, and in fact I would say that titan shifting made the Titans more mysterious.The Titan concept was expanded beyond what I even thought.


Ugh… gratuitous English, on the other hand, is not cool.

Despite all of the gruesomeness, there are parts of this show that are just so hilarious. The gratuitous German amuses me to no end, much like it did in Legend of the Galactic Heroes. It does not sound like German and I doubt anyone in the audience even knows what it means or understands, but it’s there. Why is there, I wonder? Well, why the hell not, I ponder? I love this part, if only because of how silly it is. Nobody really thinks the German is cool, right?

I do love the internal monologues. Characters can spend an entire episode just to make a fucking decision, and you know what, I love that. I can be a bit of a nosy person, so I am always introspective towards other people. The weight of these decisions is sufficiently made clear, which makes me actually care about what is going on (not that I necessarily care about who is involved). I do feel that internal monologues is a very Japanese way of story telling. I rarely see the usage of internal monologue in Anglo films, although they are quite common in theater as soliloquy; the only one that comes to mind immediately is Dune. I do love internal monologues and Attack on Titan has a lot of them.

There is a large cast of characters, but they  typically serve as food for the meat grinder. Their deaths are usually their fault, so at least the series is not forgiving about mistakes in war (this is a war, remember?). I personally like that this series introduces so many people and then kills them off. These titans are not child’s play and they have no remorse when killing humans. The killing of all these characters does not draw any sympathy from me, but they do convey to me (and make me understand) the utter hopelessness of this struggle. I think it would be completely unbelievable for a war for survival to have little or no casualties. Showing random people on the street being eaten is not good enough for me, either.

Mikasa and Levi are good enough characters for me.

By killing Eren 20,000 times, we can obtain a level 6 shift... wait, damn it!

By killing Eren 20,000 times, we can obtain a level 6 shift… wait, damn it!

After actually watching this series, I will say that this is one of my favorites to come out this year.


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