I, for one, loved the music in the 1971 Lupin the Third series

I finished the original Lupin the Third series, the 1971 TV series, a few days ago. Yesterday, I started Part 2. As soon as Lupin parachuted down onto the cruise ship in episode 1, I knew I had seen this series before, back when it started on Adult Swim. Kinda cool. What is awesome cool, though, is I have friends that saw that same episode, but we did not know each other yet. Wow!

A comparison between the two is inevitable. While I watched the first series, I noticed that I liked it more the longer it went. The early episodes were bumpy and kinda ridiculous, but it was still taking itself a bit too seriously. I like that Miyazaki and Takahata toned it down a bit, but I do have issues with Miyazaki’s Lupin character. Sometimes, he is just too damn nice. In general, though, I much prefer the later episodes over the early ones.

Having said that, there is something that I miss from the 1971 series: the music. The music was, to me, awesome. It might be that I find it appealing because I did not grow up with it. I do not know why, but I think it was cool. I cannot describe it to you, so you will just have to listen to it. Here are two examples.

Regardless of my personal taste in music, the Lupin franchise is absolutely wonderful. The Castle of Cagliostro is one of the most charming movies I have ever seen.


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