Looking into the future and the past: two new pages you should check out

As time moves on, I have grown increasingly concerned that old content that I made was going to get forgotten. I originally made this blog with the intention to broaden the exposure to anime to a general audience and casual fans. Naturally, I would become concerned when stuff I have written becomes put away and forgotten. This stuff is still good in my opinion, so I see no reason for them to be forgotten or unknown to new readers.

On the other hand, I do want to provide more of a road map for this blog. As a road map can show where someone is going, it can also show them where they have been. Going with that, I have created two new pages.

First, I made an Upcoming Anime page that lists potential anime that I will tackle in the future. As I tackle anime both in the present and in the past, there really is no way for anyone besides myself to know what I will write about next (the fact that I like to wait for my initial reaction to the series to subside is another factor). This page will give you a road map for what I want to write about. There is no specific timeline. Just know that these are high priority targets.

Second, I made a page showcasing past work that I feel is important. I will not include everything there.

I feel that I have already fleshed out the formats that I currently use (Preview, The Week in Review, Anime Analysis, sometimes Off The Wall [do not expect that one too often]), but there are a couple that I want to experiment with.

The first one in mind is “WTO” – “What’s The Order?” Basically, the purpose is to map out the chronology and viewing order for a series. Anime is usually just one piece of a story. For example, Space Battleship Yamato is a franchise that has been going on for 30 or so years. Where do you start? Where do you go next? In this series, I try to provide an answer.

Another one I was thinking about was tried very recently – I call it, “WILI” – “Will I Like It?” This was tried with a much longer title: “Before I watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes, how will I know I will like it?” We try to provide the answer. In this series, I try to find the appeal of an anime or franchise. As opposed to a review, which tend to be more analytic, WILI will be purely opinion. “What’s the big deal?” and “What is off-putting?” are the big questions. In a review, I explain why I like it; with WILI, I explain why someone else might like it.

We will see how those two work out. I do not like writing in the same formats continuously and there is a lot I want to talk about (I do not have time!).


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