Preview: Short Peace

Preview is a series about anime that I have not seen yet. They are full of speculation supported by facts. In this series, I talk about interesting anime that I have found and will  watch (assuming I can).

I thought this was pretty cool. Short Peace is an anthology film, which includes Katsura Otomo (Akira). In it, there are four films: Short PeaceCombustiblePossessions, and Gambo.

The first one is Short Peace. It seems to be set in roughly modern times. I might like this one the most. Short Peace is directed by Hajime Katoki. Unsurprisingly, Hajime has worked mostly in mechanical design and mecha. Interestingly, he has designed most of the mecha used in the Gundam franchise since Gundam Wing.

The second one is Combustible, which is about a fire in Edo. This one was directed by Katsuhiro Otome. I was surprised when I learned that, because I expected him to do Short Peace. You know, the military one. Of course, we all know Katsuhiro for creating Akira.

Tsukumo (Possessions) is the most famous of the four. Possessions actually got nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 2014 (it lost to Mr. Hublot). The story is about a man that goes into a temple full of fantastic things. Possessions was directed by Shuhei Morita. His only previous work that I am familiar with is Freedom. According to Grumpy Jii-san, Freedom was not very good.

The last is Gambo. It looks like a supernatural film. I do enjoy supernatural stories, so I might like this one. Unfortunately, I cannot find much else. Gambo was directed by Hiroaka Ando. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with his previous works (or, at least, not at a level I can comment on).


2 thoughts on “Preview: Short Peace

  1. tamerlane

    Having seen all 4, Combustible is the best of the lot, with the others sans Gambo being at least watchable. Not as good as Otomo’s Memories, for sure.


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