The Week in Review: Top five anime of all time

The Week in Review is a series of posts in which I review an anime. Reviews are evaluative, specific, and biased.

5. Peulla Magi Madoka Magica

By deconstructing the phenomena of existence with regards to the magical girl’s (Japanese: mahou loli) place in the world, Madoka, through QB, eloquently and inarticulately proved to the anime industry that the Gendo pose is not the pinnacle of blatant shortcutting. By having QB communicate telepathically, SHAFT has proven that animation can not only be even lazier but it can also be explained away by the internal context of the word itself.

IGN score: 10/10

4. Space Dandy

Shinichiro Watanabe has proven once again that sitting on one’s laurels is basically all anyone in the anime industry does anymore. Cowboy Bebop, a show that rivals the works of Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy, is a deep, philosophical show that continues to strongly impact the industry because of Toonami. Space Dandy is the spiritual successor to Cowboy Bebop in the same vail as Dark Souls is the spiritual successor to The Elder Scrolls: SkyrimSkyrim is also another masterpiece, as evidenced by the fact that Reddit continues to circlejerk over it some three years later. In that same way, Space Dandy is obviously anime Futurama and therefore deserves several Oscars.

IGN score: 10/10

3. Gargoyles

Despite what some people might think, Gargoyles is actually an anime.

IGN score: 10/10

4. Musashi Gundoh

The ugliness and half-assed nature of Musashi Gundoh is a social critique concerning the prevalence of bad anime. Through its cheap visuals, lazy background work, and horrible sound design, ACC Productions has produced perhaps what is possibly the greatest work of satire since Avatar by James Cameron.

IGN score: 10/10

5. Ultimate Girls

Produced by the Master of Entertainment, Ultimate Girls is the ultimate work concerning girls. In this landmark work, we are given the first truly immersive work in anime besides My Onii-chan is Adolf Hitler!. Ultimate Girls provides us with a look into the everyday drudgery of manual labor. We watch these girls suffer at the hands of the bourgeoise and we cannot help but synthesize with these heroes of the proletariat. V.I. Lenin would be proud to watch such a masterpiece. Fuck the Bilderberg Group. 9/11 was an inside job, wake up sheeple!

IGN score: 9/10 “it’s okay”


I leave you with a list of Bender’s ten most frequently used words.




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