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What the fuck is Hummingbird!

Upon using for about five minutes, I have quickly decided that it is better than MyAnimeList. In fact, it is so good that I have developed a new mathematical inequality to demonstrate it: >

I discuss the proof here:

I love being a math genius.

What is Hummingbird?

It takes the concept of MyAnimeList and makes it much better, while throwing in a few features of its own. My first impression is that it is like a mix between MyAnimeList and Twitter. It is also disturbingly aware of what its users are like, as demonstrated here:

rei ayanami is mai waifu

Nobody has ever asked me who my waifu is! What the hell? My reaction to this was a mix of “Who ever made this is awesome” and “OK this guy needs to fuck off.” It was a little strange, but who cares! You can even choose between “Waifu” and “Husbando.” Unfortunately, no “Bossu.”

What makes different from MyAnimeList?

First of all, the people who made this site can actually design a site that looks modern. (MAL) is pretty basic. It’s OK, but it desperately needs an upgrade in the looks department. For one thing, MAL has no loading circles. Yup, you heard it.

Another thing: seems to put more emphasis on the socializing aspect. MAL has comments, but does it have a Twitter rip-off built in?

quality content

Only a genius like me can come up with this stuff.

I already have a MyAnimeList account, why should I bother with this?

You can import your MyAnimeList account into Hummingbird! In other words, you won’t have to manually enter all of your anime. It’ll do it for you. Further, unlike a few months ago, it actually works now.

i am so behind

I am so behind it’s not even funny.

Is Hummingbird paying you to write this?


Is that it? Is there anything substantial?

This is quite possibly the greatest thing I have ever seen:

the greatest thing eber

Yes, that actually compiles an entire page of anime by season. That is freaking amazing. You know what would be even better? If I clicked on an image and it allowed me to edit that entry on my list or add that to my list. In other words, clicking “Tokyo Ghoul” would open a panel that would allow me to edit “Tokyo Ghoul” on my personal list, instead of taking me to Tokyo Ghoul’s information page.

Here’s something else I want: a “Will not Watch” option. We have a “Plan to watch,” why not a “Do not plan to watch” option? If it is on my list as “Do not plan to watch,” then there should be a giant “X” on the image.

Is the database just as good as MyAnimeList?

When I imported my list to Hummingbird, it added all 661 entries I have on MAL. So, based on that, the database does seem to be extensive. There is the option to view the cast, but no production credits are available. This is kinda a problem, but MAL is almost always inferior to AnimeNewsNetwork (and even IMDb) when it comes to production credits.

Hummingbird does allow the user to pick the language beforehand, which is convenient.

picking a languag

Can I find dungeons and shit?

Hummingbird puts emphasis on tracking anime, socializing, and discovering new anime. It does deliver on those three, particularly on the exploration part.

We have already seen the Season roster, but what about older anime? Hell, not even 1990s. In a couple years, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will be 10 years old; FLCL will be turning 15 years old next year. Obviously, it isn’t about anime from the 1970s; the 2000s will need help getting exposure pretty soon, too!

Well, we do have a pretty neat interface for finding stuff. You can browse by decade and genre, and then sort it by rating, popularity, and age. It’ll also mark stuff you’ve seen already, which is a plus.


Final question: Is good?


7 thoughts on “ > MyAnimeList

  1. SushiKitten

    I switched to Hummingbird a couple months ago when I became aware of it’s presence, The ability to import your list from MAL is super convenient and I think my favourite part is that you can update from the front page very easy. MAL has been down several times the past year and the community is sort of slow, I think it’s slowly going to lose out to Hummingbird in the next couple years.

    1. optimalexplosion Post author

      I could see it happening. The database is still inferior to ANN, but everything else is pretty good. I don’t think the site is complete, but it seems to be only getting better. MAL, on the other hand, seems to be satisfied with staying the way it is.

  2. Kinza Datteri

    What about importing lists from When I exported my list from to MAL some of the shows got spirited away. As a result, I have complete and up to date list on aniDB which I export every so often. I always wished for simple season by season viewing, so that one feature might win me over MAL, which at this point would be just redundant. Cheers.

  3. cheesyj

    I’ve been using the site for more than a year now to track anime, but I have been pleasantly surprised at how effective the social aspect of Hummingbird has been. I’ve actually made some strong bonds with others over the past year. I never would have imagined a year ago that hummingbird would facilitate the ‘social’ part to such an extent.

    1. optimalexplosion Post author

      That’s awesome. Glad you’ve made some friends. I myself tried browsing the forums, but I find it difficult to just insert myself into online communities without lurking for awhile. Reading roriconfan’s ramblings is a treat, too.

      1. cheesyj

        I agree I lurked for a while as well. And yes roriconfan manages to put a smile on my face nearly every time.

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