I don’t care how awful Haganai is, I still enjoy it

BONUS! I didn’t post on Sunday July 6th, so I’m posting this today to make up for it. I try to post every Sunday and Wednesday. I also didn’t post on Wednesday, July 2nd, so you’ll get two posts this Wednesday, July 9th.

Haganai, a show about losers that come together to form a club for the sole purpose of getting friends. Not that uncommon, actually, because there are groups and services dedicated to meeting new people. Hell, the whole concept of a club is to find people that have a similar interest (nobody joins a sci-fi club and then tells them to “Fuck off”).

It has an intriguing premise, but you know what? Haganai is the Purge of anime. A bunch of lonely people try to solve their loneliness, instead of moping around playing video games and being NEETs? Sign me up! I fucking hate NEETs, so if you’re one then I hope you shape up or grow up. However, that is not what Haganai is about. Instead, Haganai is a harem anime. It has a workable premise, but it only uses it as an excuse to make 10 girls go after a dude.

It is pretty awful, too. Two beach episodes back-to-back. I can’t even stand to watch one beach episode, but this has two… right next to each other. The humor is OK, but it quickly becomes repetitive “this girl keeps bullying this other girl, that other girl just ran off come back!” On the other hand, the Gundam-Evangelion fanfiction in the early Season 1 is, honestly, one of the funniest shit I have ever seen in anime, and much of that can be attributed to the talent of the voice actress, Fukuen Misato. Despite that, Haganai is a show that just gets worse the longer it goes.

Which makes one ask this question… if this show is so bad, why the hell did I even bother to watch its sequel, Haganai NEXT? Well, the answer is simple.



Welp, there’s your answer! If Yozora had not cut her hair like that, I would have not even bothered with Haganai NEXT. Yozora was already my favorite character, but this cinched it. Yes, the circumstances surrounding this were not that great, but that makes it even better! Watching Yozora is a mixed bag, because she’s not a AM I KAWAII DESU~ character (which I like), but her situation is really shitty (which I like in that it makes the story more interesting). This could be, quite possibly, one of the few instances of romance that I actually gave a fuck about.

Discussions about Yozora and Sena are always soon to follow whenever this show is brought up. Obviously, I am on the side that prefers Yozora. Let’s look at the facts:

  • Inoue Marina possesses one of the sexiest voices out there. Her voice is not a high-pitch, helium voice, but a lower-pitch one. Her voice is fucking sexy. She can save an entire show for me with just her voice (she was the sole reason why I even finished Sayonara Zetsuo-sensei, which I think is a fucking terrible show). I orgasm just thinking about it.
  • Short hair is fucking sexy. Go to MyAnimeList profile and look at my favorite characters. Ayanami Rei, Konno Makoto, Misaka Mikoto, Kosaka Chihiro, and Mikazuki Yozora. What do all of them have in common? SHORT HAIR! THAT SHIT IS FUCKING SEXY! OH MY GOD! One of the reasons why I loved Gravity so much was Sandra Bullock. Not only is she a great actress, but dat short hair, man. Fucking sexy as hell.
  • I feel sympathy for her. She and Kodaka were the only characters I gave a shit about. Kodaka’s situation was actually a real-world problem for many male-female friendships, although obviously this show exaggerated it.
  • Sena has helium balloons for tits. Yeah, that ain’t that sexy.

Despite being god damn terrible, I do not regret watching this show. I would watch a season three, too.


5 thoughts on “I don’t care how awful Haganai is, I still enjoy it

  1. SushiKitten

    Haganai was god awful and I loved it. I did like Yozora though Sena was my favourite, even if she was a spoiled brat with balloon tits. But screw what everyone else says, let me enjoy my harem faservice girls fighting over a loser anime


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