I will not watch Rail Wars…

…because I have worked on a railroad before. Several times, in fact. Most of the work was on the track itself, but I have also worked on the trains. Working on batteries (those things are huge) and filling in holes from rust and decay. That was, to this day, the only time I have ever used an angle grinder.

This is my chance to be a hipster! “I was WORKING for a railroad before they got popular!”

Here are some neat pictures!

Of course, this was in May. And obviously there are no pictures of me working… because I was working. Who else is gonna take the pictures, besides me? But let me tell you, working on the tracks for five hours with pickaxes and shovels is tough.

I probably won’t watch Rail Wars, but that’s because it doesn’t really interest me.

UPDATE: Added image, from Random Curiosity.


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