Mai waifu is better than your waifu

Everyone is always arguing about their favorite anime character, or “waifu.” Let’s look at the facts:

Trial Rei Ayanami Your generic waifu
Possess the Fruit of Knowledge? Yes No
Immortal? Yes No
Can wipe out humanity with a snap of the fingers? Yes No
Can teleport? Yes No
Can beat Hulk Hogan, Mike Tyson, and Darth Vader in a fight? Yes No
Inspired a bunch of rip-offs? Yes No
Still marketable after 20 years? Yes No
Becomes God? Yes No
Can bench press 700 pounds? Yes No
Pilots a giant humanoid cyborg? Yes No
Best Evangelion pilot? Yes No
Has twins? Yes No
Can grow vaginas all over her body? Yes No
Super unicum at World of Tanks? DUH! 44% tomato

Checkmate, waifufags.


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