EXTRA: Chris Stuckmann is doing anime!

Who the hell is Chris Stuckmann? I don’t know, but apparently he is a film critic with a decent following on YouTube (136,655 subscribers as of this writing). And… he’s doing anime now!

He posted this video a few days ago. At first, I thought, “Yeah yeah we got another guy talking about how great Hayao Miyazaki and Cowboy Bebop are, WE GOT THOUSANDS OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO CARES!” BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? THIS DUDE IS AWESOME! And while the amount of anime he’s seen may not be the largest, I can feel his love for the medium with every word he speaks.

I love his argument about why anime is actually worth a damn, too. I constantly run into people that claim that all (or the majority of) anime is for creeps, weirdos, or pedophiles. Whether or not that is true, I found out that it is actually quite easy to find anime that do not fit those descriptions. I mean, how can you argue that these are for creeps?

These are just a bunch of random images, by the way, but hopefully the diversity of anime is driven home.

Closing words… yeah, you can not like it, but you are missing out. And you know what? That’s fine. Because I don’t care about French/Jewish/Indian/Korean/whatever films.


4 thoughts on “EXTRA: Chris Stuckmann is doing anime!

  1. Austin

    You know, just scrolling through that wall of pictures is kind of making me want to pick up a show or two to watch…I need the listening practice, after all. Been a while, though…

  2. Tony

    He’s a fan, but can’t even pronounce Akira, can’t pronounce Hentai, but loves it (its pronounced correctly in the videos)?

    Worst of all it sounds like a mish-mosh of just about every other critic.

    BTW Akira is Manga, not anime………

  3. tbonificio

    He can’t pronounce Hentai, or Akira.

    He protrudes excitement, but it sounds like every other Anime/Manga review you here these days.

    Everybody knows Ghost in the Machine, had he said DeathNote, or Uryokukidoji (legend of the Overfiend), I might have been impressed,

    BTW Akira is Manga, I have the complete collection of original comics.


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