“Kajiwotore” has been my favorite Susumu Hirasawa song lately

I love Susumu Hirasawa. He is perhaps my favorite musician. His songs are memorable, but not repetitive. Someone’s song might be catchy, but if it gets stuck in my head then I actually hate it; his never do, for some reason! Maybe because I do not speak Japanese…

This has been my favorite song of his lately. Really good stuff.

It does remind me of his most famous song, Forces, which was used in the original anime series for Berserk.

I always thought Forces was a strange choice for Berserk, considering the European-inspired setting.

Heck, while I am at it, why not post my previous favorite songs? My all-time favorite song by him seems to change every time I listen to a new one.

This one is really good. I like it so much, that it might go back to being #1 after I listen to Kajiwotore for a while. I have to say, my favorite songs are definitely the most “oriental”ish ones. Speaking of “oriental”…

This album was heavily inspired by Hirasawa’s trip to Thailand. The vocalist is Wisakha Fraytes, although good luck finding anything about her!

How about one more?

Another famous one, although I am not sure if White Tiger Field is more popular than Parade (which was also featured in Paprika).


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