Hello there! My name is OptimalExplosion, the writer for The Perfect World. I created this blog with the intention to give viewers the opportunity to broaden their exposure to anime. If you want to know more about me, then go to MyAnimeList profile.

Click here if you want to know why this blog is called The Perfect World.

Some favorite anime: Tokikake, Zipang, Great Teacher Onizuka, Cannon Fodder, House of Small Cubes, Crusher Joe, Porco Rosso, Electric Girlfriend, Legend of Galactic Heroes, Patlabor 2, Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, Redline, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Cowboy Bebop, Time of EVE.

Favorite directors: Hideaki Anno, Mamoru Oshii, Koji Yamamura, Masaaki Yuasa, Katsuhiro Otomo, Takeshi Koike.

Inspirations: Maddox, JonTron, Roger Ebert, Nostalgia Critic, Grumpy Jii-san.

I tend to like surreal and sci-fi.

About The Perfect World

  • This blog is NOT for currently airing anime, with exceptions – there are a PLETHORA of blogs covering currently airing anime. Further, I do not believe that watching currently airing anime is the correct way to watch it; in fact, I think it is absolutely the wrong way. I have actually dropped more TV anime (97) than I have finished (80).
  • Related to that, this blog is not about “trendy” anime, with exceptions – I use that term very loosely, because I have no specific definition of what is “trendy.” Generally, it is (1) airing or has not finished (2) very popular and (3) most of the appeal is engaging with the fanbase (fan art, fan fiction, fan theories, “fan hype” etc.). That is all fine, but I do not want to talk about that; it has to meet all three criteria (e.g., I have talked about Attack on Titan before – it does not fit the criteria, because I have absolutely no interest in engaging with the fanbase).
  • This blog is not about a particular time period, no exceptions – I will talk about Japanese animation in all time periods, of all types (e.g., traditional, CG, stop motion). However, it is worth mentioning that I prefer most modern anime.
  • “Cuteness” is the icing on the cake and it cannot make up for a terrible cake, no exceptions – I like cuteness, but I have very specific taste in it (Makoto from Tokikake is, oh my god, so cute). Regardless, I do not consider “cute” characters to be compensatory for a bad show, nor do I consider an “alpha” male to be compensatory for a bad show.
  • I do not take the time to write about anime I outright hate – I spend hours on each post and I do not want to spend those hours angry. Therefore, if I write an article about it, I probably like it. The inverse is not true, however – just because I don’t talk about it doesn’t mean I hate it!


My posts will generally follow these formats. I made these not only for your convenience (I hope), but also to give myself some sort of structure.

Anime Analysis — I write fun things about anime that typically involve some sort of analysis. Examples include compare/contrast, essays, or whatever.

The Week in Review — The Week in Review is a series of posts in which I review an anime. Reviews can either be evaluative or analytic; either way, they are specific, biased, and mostly consider only the work itself.

Preview — Preview is a series about anime that I have not seen yet. They are full of speculation supported by facts. In this series, I talk about interesting anime that I have found and will  watch (assuming I can).

What’s The Order? — What’s The Order? is a series of guides about the watching order of anime franchises. I talk about the various possible ways to watch a franchise. I may or may not include other media, such as manga, light novels, or games. This is merely a suggestion and which way you choose is up to you.

Those are the ones that I will write about the most. The following are ones that I might use, but do not expect them often.

Off The Wall — a place for more informal posts, these posts will usually have copious amounts of swearing. You will still get something out of them, though.

Mid-week Tidbit — I post stuff I find. Originally supposed to be every Wednesday or so. Usually don’t do this, because they’re too easy to do and therefore quite boring.

Greetings, travelers!

If someone were to ask you, “What does the phrase ‘the Perfect World’ mean to you?” Well, I am sure most of us can think of idealistic scenarios. I would as well. No war? Great. No poverty? Awesome. No death, disease, or famine? Sign me up.

Let’s narrow down the question. Let’s say that instead of the world, you would have to narrow it down to your own little world—your life, in other words. What does the phrase ‘the Perfect Life’ mean to you?

To some, they conjure up dreams of riches or fame. To others, they are given a gigantic laboratory where they can experiment and build for a living. To others still, the perfect life cannot be found within this reality but in another realm. Which realm is this? The imagination. Fiction, in other words.

On this blog, you will not find any sort of topics relating to the ‘real’ world. Instead, fiction is the primary focus of this blog. More specifically, anime, video games, music, and sometimes books and tabletop games. I hope you enjoy it.


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