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This is not really an FAQ, because no one has asked me these before but in case you were wondering…

What is your avatar?

It is part of the album cover from a band called Guided by Voices. The album is called Bee Thousand. Right now, that is my top album of all time, of all genres, of all countries.

Do you take recommendations?

No. I have too much crap to watch already.

Will you give recommendations?

No. I try my best to not write lists, and instead of trying to explain why you (yes, you) would like something, I talk about why I like it. I can’t care how verbose you are, it is impossible for me to even have a clue if you will like something or not.

Do you take requests?

No, but I would be willing to discuss it with you via MyAnimeList or whatever. If you wanna know my thoughts, just ask. I would prefer a conversation, though. Posts, however, are entirely at my will.

Do you allow guest posts?

Not unless I know you well enough, no. I have told only one person that he can write a post for me, and I have known him for years.

Generally, what kind of anime do you like?

That is a really freaking hard question to answer.

What is your favorite anime of all time?

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

What do you think about /a/, /r/anime, etc.?

Shitholes. I still read /r/anime, though.


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