As this blog focuses on expanding people’s views on anime, I fully intend for past posts to not lose their significance. Articles I write in the past are articles I want people to read, but they may not be easily accessible or obvious. I hope making this list leads to something new for you.

The Week in Review

What’s The Order?

Will I Like It?

Specific series

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The Kerberos Saga

Stray Dog [AE29DFD5].mkv_snapshot_01.21.43_[2013.11.29_21.41.35]

A personal favorite of mine and is what made me appreciate the works of Mamoru Oshii. As opposed to Patlabor, the creativity behind the Kerberos Saga is almost all from the mind of Mamoru Oshii. (tag)

  • The Week in Review: Watchdog of Hell trilogy: a review of the three Kerberos movies, Jin-roh: The Wolf Brigade, StrayDog, and The Red Spectacles. In this review, I mainly discuss the wolf allegory that is central to the Kerberos story. I also digress into the timeline.

Space Battleship Yamato

Space Battleship Yamato (SBY) is good, but deeply flawed, space sci-fi series that was reborn into the excellent remake series, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (SBY2199). I really, really want to write more about this franchise. (tag) (tag)

Legend of Galactic Heroes

Originally, I was not going to post about this series at all. It is too long and perhaps too niche to write about for a general audience. However, the announcement of a new adaptation will hopefully attract a modern audience (the anime might turn out to be something completely different…!). (tag)


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